Speckled Trout Review

Speckled Trout Review

Fall 2021 (3.1)

Dear Readers, The submission window for Fall 2021 (3.1), online issue, will open on March 1 and close May 1. Please refer to the submission guidelines at that time. On another note, our special print issue, Fall 2020 (2.2)–Crisis, was successful! We look forward to publishing print issues again. Though we have sold out ofContinue reading “Fall 2021 (3.1)”

About Us

Speckled Trout Review is an independent literary magazine published, at this time, in an electronic format and special print issues. We like good storytelling in poems metaphorically rich and ripe with imagery, poems in which every word counts. Good rhythm is nice, too. Abstract is not our thing; neither is overt political stuff. Appalachian poetsContinue reading “About Us”

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